Push Limits, Strengthen Relationships, and Learn New Things Under the Guidance Of Professional Facilitators.

Push Limits, Strengthen Relationships, and Learn New Things Under the Guidance of Professional Facilitators.

Frequently Asked Questions


Are Bed Linens Provided?

Bedding, towels, and linens are not provided for our cabins. All cabin cots are twin sized, so we recommend bringing twin sheets and/or a sleeping bag, a pillow, and a towel.


What happens in the event of rain? Will we still climb and do outside programming?

If it is safe to be outside we will still climb and do some programs. Be sure to pack weather appropriate clothing, including a rain poncho or jacket if the weather is forecast to be wet.


I have a dietary restriction, can you accommodate my menu needs?

Make sure your group leader communicates dietary restrictions and allergies during the planning process (No less that two weeks out from the event, preferably 6 weeks) so our staff can make sure all of your group can stay safe. We commonly serve groups nut free menus and vegetarian options. More complex allergies or restrictions may require guests to supplements some of the meals. The earlier we know this information, the better we can meet your needs.

Paperwork and Waivers

What Do I Need My Participants to Sign? Is There Anything Else I Need to Bring?

If your group is doing any facilitated programming each person will need to complete a liability release form. If your group is staying overnight, your group leader will also need medical forms for each person. If your group or school already has a medical form on file, this will meet that requirement as long as the group leader has access to those forms should they be needed. Group insurance is also required. Generally organizations can provide this coverage through their existing provider, however coverage can also be purchased through Wyman for a fee of $265.00.


How Many Adults Do We Need to Bring for Supervision?

We ask that each group have one adult for each activity group (10-12 participants). We also recommend each cabin have one adult present. This helps keep things safe and fun during your stay.

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