Wyman has been the preferred retreat facility for collegiate groups in the St. Louis area for many years. Just a short 30 minute drive from the city, the campus offers retreat-goers a unique, first-class experience in a secluded, beautiful forest setting. Onsite amenities include:

*7 Indoor Meeting Facilities/2 Pavilions/Swimming Pool

*Over 100 Miles of Hiking Trails/2 Lakes/3 Large Open Fields

*Clean & Cozy Bunk-Style Cabins All Fully Heated & Air-Conditioned

*Full Service Dining Hall (Where No One Leaves Hungry!)

Wyman has also become well-known as the premier team-building and group dynamics provider in the entire area. Available are several optional programs to choose from including canoeing, wall-climbing, and both high and low challenge courses…one of which culminates in a breathtaking zipline through the treetops! Our professional facilitators will work with you to create an experience designed to accomplish your specific goals, or you can provide a program of your own if you choose. Nowhere else this close to home can the members of your group experience the kind of fun, personal growth, and group bonding that they can get at Wyman.

For more information or to reserve your experience, contact us today by phone at 636.549.1258 or by email at sales@experiencewyman.org.